S-730 Pressure Relief Valves open for user feedback review & supplier questionnaire request

JIP33 has issued the S-730 Pressure Relief Valves specification for user feedback review, as well as prepared a Supplier Questionnaire for Pressure Relief Valves [Maintenance]. The closing date for both is Friday, 25 August 2023 at 23:00 GMT.

The purpose of this user feedback review is to capture your assessment on the requirements of an existing specification so that we can further our stated goals of improving procurement and delivery of equipment for the oil and gas industry.  This is the first step in the update and revision of our specifications and is a chance for purchasers and suppliers to be able to comment on how the current specification requirements can be improved.

During the revision process, the S-730 Pressure Relief Valves will be updated in accordance with a minimum common set of supplementary requirements for the procurement of pressure relief valves.

The JIP33 standardized procurement specification follows a common document structure comprising of four documents, which together with the purchase order define the overall technical specification for procurement.

We would like to invite suppliers to participate in the pre-framing phase of our maintenance process by completing our Supplier Questionnaire for Pressure Relief Valves [Maintenance]This is to help us understand how IOGP S-730 has been adopted and implemented in the oil and gas industry and to ascertain how the specification can be improved during this maintenance cycle.

This survey is composed of questions covering the following:

  • Has the specification been referenced in any RFQs or purchase orders.
  • Opportunities for further standardisation incl. common deviations/exception requests etc.
  • What you consider to be essential minimum information / documentation provided for pressure relief valves in accordance with S-730.
  • How much inspection / intervention there normally is from purchasers.
  • Your organisation’s involvement with industry standard development organizations and trade associations.
  • A small number of specific technical questions.

The survey will take approximately 20-30 mins to complete. You may need to research internally within your organisation to provide some of the answers. Please note that MS forms does not allow you to save your progress in the interim.

Instructions on providing feedback can be found on our Specification Development page.  A JAMA login is required to access the user feedback review.  Please contact us at feedback quoting the specification number to be provided with login credentials and to be added to the review.

Updates and future specifications will be announced via the project’s mailing list, LinkedIn and Twitter profile.

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