Specification development

Draft revisions of the specifications will be made available on this site for a 4 week duration for public review and comment.

Please download and read the instructions for providing feedback. Download instructions

Feedback is strongly preferred within the digital specification development tool Jama Connect to allow more efficient compilation and response to comments. Please email feedback@jip33.org for access to the tool including details of the specification you would like to comment on.

Operator staff should contact the SC representative to feed their comments back through their SME.
If returning comments via the digital tool is not possible, please download the document and mark up your comments. Submit the marked up file to

Specifications in development: Drafts will be available here for public review as they are ready.

wdt_ID Specification Description Category Status Review Date Closing Date Download
1 Flare Package (S-722) Package Closed for comments
2 UPS Package – AC Uninterruptible Power Systems (S-701) Package Closed for comments
5 Diesel Generator Package (S-714) Package Open for comments 11 Sept 2020 11 October 2020
6 Firewater Pump Package (S-721) Package Closed for comments
7 Glycol Package Package Planned development
8 Gas Compressor Package Package Planned development
13 Common Equipment Package Requirements (S-706) Support In development August 2020
14 Small Bore Tubing (S-716) Support Closed for comments
15 Insulation for Piping and Equipment (S-738) Support Closed for comments
16 Lubrication, Shaft-Sealing and Control Oil Support Planned development
Specification Description Category Status Review Date Closing Date Download