Joint Industry Programme 33:
Standardizing Procurement Specifications

Making a step-change improvement in the specification, procurement and delivery of equipment for the oil and gas industry, through the use of standardized industry procurement specifications.

S-615 Centrifugal Pumps launched for public review

New JIP33 specification published: S-563 Material Data Sheets For Piping And Valve Components

S-747 HV AC Drive Systems launched for public review

About JIP33

JIP33 is already enabling the supply chain to reduce variation and become more efficient – providing significant value in both scheduling and capital cost control.

Specification library

All JIP33 specifications are available for use by everyone.

The more the JIP33 specifications are adopted, the more opportunities there are for efficiencies in our industry.

Specification development

More JIP33 specifications are currently in development and will become available for public comment on our Specification Development page.

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IOGP and IOGP members are building a JIP33 Global Equipment Hub to operationalise the JIP33 specifications and JIP36 standard for the benefit of the Oil & Gas industry.  The JIP33 GEH will allow manufacturers to share product information meeting the requirements of the JIP33 data sheets and using the JIP36 CFIHOS Reference Data Library (RD).