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JIP33 suppliers are a critical stakeholder for the whole industry to engage and maintain an efficient working relationship to deliver preferred outcomes, meet budget specifications, and create quality specifications that can be used by all parties within the industry.

Historically, oil and gas operators have asked suppliers to deliver against a different set of requirements for each order – often hundreds of pages long.  For multiple projects within the same company, specifications often differentiate, which has shown to be incredibly inefficient.  By standardising the specifications used for procuring equipment, and by driving the specifications down to the essential minimum the supply chain can become leaner, faster and more cost efficient.

The value of both supply chain and procurement are essential to all operations in the oil and gas industry and the barriers suppliers and operators have can only be overcome when both work jointly and constructively together to enhance the visibility of the JIP33 standardisation benefiting the industry as a whole.

JIP33 Workflows

The below table shows the high level work flow for the JIP33 specification development and maintenance.  The boxes in blue, indicate that suppliers are invited to participate in this part of the standard process.

Supplier Engagement Questionnaires

The more collaboration there is within the industry, the more aligned we become in harmonising the JIP33 specifications for use within the industry.  We invite suppliers to participate in the pre-framing phase of our development process to help us build a profile of that specific piece of equipment and its features available in the marketplace which meets the needs of the oil and gas industry.

All JIP33 surveys are also posted on LinkedIn, our news site and sent out via our mailing list.

Specification Development Table

Below you will find the specification development table showing all specifications that are:

  • In maintenance and/or development
  • Planned for maintenance and/or development for 2022/2023
  • Open for public and/or user feedback review.

For more information and to see a complete overview, visit our Specification Development page.

specificationnumber wdt_ID Specification Description Category Status Review Date Closing Date Download
79 Cranes Offshore Pedestal (API 2C) (S-618) Equipment - Mechanical In maintenance
82 Steel Gate Valves (S-611) Equipment - Mechanical In maintenance
83 Ball Valves (S-562) Equipment - Mechanical In maintenance
93 LV Three Phase Induction Cage Motors (S-703) Equipment - Electrical In maintenance
94 HV Three Phase Induction Cage Motors (S-704) Equipment - Electrical In maintenance
95 Coating & Painting (S-715) Support In maintenance
98 Special Purpose Gear Units (S-713) Equipment - Mechanical In maintenance
102 Welding of pressure-containing equipment and piping (S-705) Support In maintenance
105 ANSI Transformers (IEEE) (S-754) Equipment - Electrical In development
106 Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) - (S-753) Equipment - Electrical In development
107 Extra-high Voltage Gas-insulated Switchgear (S-750) Equipment - Electrical Hold
109 Flanged Pressure Relief Valves (S-730) Equipment - Mechanical In maintenance
112 Water Mist Fire Protection System (S-719) Safety Public review 14 May 2024 9 June 2024
113 Surface Preparation and Protective Coatings (NORSOK) (S-715) Support Public Review 22 May 2024 23 June 2024
114 Basic process measurement instruments (S-718) Instrument In maintenance


How can I get involved in the JIP33 Program?

You can support the program by joining the mailing list either via the website, with the link to join is in the top right corner or by clicking Mailing List.  Once signed up you will be notified of all specifications released for public and/or maintenance reviews and comments and any upcoming JIP33 events that you can participate in.  

You can also follow us on LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Where can I find a list of JIP33 specifications being developed?

The list of specifications being developed can be found on the Specification Development page of our website.  When drafts of these specifications are completed, they are made available for a period of 4-5 weeks for supply chain reviews and comments.  

Can I provide feedback on specifications that have been published?

For specifications that are already published, we welcome feedback on these via the feedback form on our website or via our feedback inbox address where it will be reviewed at the next opportunity to update the specification. 

We recognise that supply chain input and involvement in JIP33 is critical to the success of the programme, which in turn will bring significant benefits for our industry by reducing complexity and enabling efficiency gains. So, I strongly encourage you to participate in the development of the specifications, and to give us your feedback.


Want to know more?

If you have any other questions not listed in the FAQ section, or feel that as a supplier you can be beneficial and contribute to JIP33, please contact us at 

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