S-704 High-voltage Three-phase Cage Induction Motors (IEC) launched for public review

IOGP-JIP33 has issued the S-704 High-voltage Three-phase Cage Induction Motors (IEC) specification for public  review.  The consultation period runs for 4 weeks and will close on Friday, 01 December 2023 at 23:00 GMT.

The purpose of the IOGP S-704 specification documents is to define a minimum common set of requirements for the procurement of high-voltage three-phase cage induction motors in accordance with IEC 60034-1, Edition 14.0, 2022, Rotating electrical machines – Part 1: Rating and performance for application in the petroleum and natural gas industries.

The files are available to download in our specification development library – S-704 High-voltage Three-phase Cage Induction Motors (IEC) – JIP33 (

As part of the public reviews we hold town hall meetings which give an overview of the public review process, a summary of the key technical changes and guidance on constructive commenting. We explain the JIP33 process at a high level including how we resolve comments.

The townhall was held on 02 November 2023, and the recording is available to view on IOGP JIP33 S-704 IOGP Public Review Townhall – High-voltage Induction Motors-2023.11.02 -Meeting Recording.mp4 

Instructions on providing feedback can be found on our Specification Development page.

Updates and future specifications will be announced via the project’s mailing list, LinkedIn and Twitter profile.

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