Procurement Data Sheet for DC UPS And Associated Batteries specification launched for review

JIP33 has issued the Procurement Data Sheet for DC UPS and Associated Batteries for public review. The consultation period runs for four weeks and will close on Sunday, 08 August 2021.

The purpose of this data sheet is to define a minimum common set of requirements for the procurement of DC uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and associated batteries for application in the petroleum and natural gas industries.

The JIP33 standardized procurement specification normally follows a common document structure comprising of four documents, which together with the purchase order define the overall technical specification for procurement. This spec comes as a ‘Data Sheet-Only’ specification.

It has been developed in consultation with a broad user and supplier base to realize benefits from standardization and achieve significant project and schedule cost reductions.

The file is available to download at

Updates and future specifications will be announced via the project’s mailing list and Twitter profile.

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