IOGP Report 795 published: JIP33 Quality Requirements Specification Implementation Guide

JIP33 are delighted to announce the release of the new IOGP Report 795 – JIP33 Quality Requirements Specification Implementation Guide.

This document describes how to use the IOGP JIP33 Quality Requirement Specification (QRS) document. It provides guidance to all functions specifying, purchasing, and manufacturing equipment within operators, engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors, and suppliers in the petroleum and natural gas industries.

We have also released the Standardized Quality Requirements Specification Implementation Videowhich provides introductory training to explain the purpose of the QRS and how it can be implemented. This complements the more detailed information in the QRS Implementation Guide.

Both the report and video can be found in the JIP33 Specification Library under the newly implemented Training and Guidelines tab.

Our thanks to all those who continue to contribute to this crucial work.

All published JIP33 specifications are available FREE for download via the JIP33 Specification Library.

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