Introducing the new and improved IOGP-JIP33 website

We are excited to announce that IOGP-JIP33 has finally launched  their updated website – JIP33 – Standardizing Procurement Specifications – JIP33 ( It has a new look and feel to it, and is far more efficient to navigate through.

What’s new?

  • Any downloads through the JIP33 Specification Library are redirected to the IOGP Library – JIP33 | IOGP Publications Library. As per figure 01, you can either sort these by categories, by newness, a-z, or report number.
  • All specifications remain free to download as either a compendium or individually (figure 02), however you will be redirected to a screen with the request to insert your details (figure 03).

If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to our team!

Figure 01

Figure 02


Figure 03

All published JIP33 specifications are available to download for FREE, either by using the newly created QR code, or via the IOGP-IP33 Specification Library.

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