First JIP33 Phase 3 specification published – Low Voltage Motors

JIP 33 has reached another big milestone with the publication of its first Phase 3 specification S-703 Low Voltage Motors.

Adri Postema, Director of the JIP33 Programme says:

“People are already seeing benefits from using our specifications.   The 30-plus specifications in Phase 3 represent a major step forward in driving greater efficiencies across the oil and gas supply chain.

It’s exciting to see the first one published. Many more will follow during 2020.  A huge thank you to the Low Voltage Motors Working Group for all their hard work to get it over the line.”

Note: This specification defines a minimum common set of requirements for procuring low voltage motors – in accordance with IEC Standard 60034 (Edition 13.0, 2017).

About JIP33

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) started Joint Industry Programme (JIP) 33 in 2016.  Its aim is to develop standardized specifications that enable the industry supply chain to become better, cheaper and faster.

14 specifications have already been published.  They are already delivering benefits for users. Phase 3, a group of 35-40 specifications, is in development and will be published by the end of 2020.

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