Material Data Sheets for Piping and Valve Components

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The main objective of the new revision of Materials specification is to  extend  the  scope and  application of the  existing IOGP materials specification for  piping  and  valves  (S-563 Version 2, 2018) through the addition of new MDSs to include for different grades of materials. This revision to the specification does not expand the range of products covered such as pressure vessels or subsea items.

New MDSs are prepared for the following alloys:

  • ASTM   A182   F6A,   F   XM-19,   ASTM   A479   XM-19   and   UNS   S   41000,   ASTM   A276   410/420, ASTM A705/A564 Gr. 630, ASTM A217 CA15
  • Stainless steel grades: 321, 347, 347H, 321H.
  • Austenitic stainless steel bolting: 304, 316 grades.
  • PH-stainless steel: grade 630 (17-4PH)
  • Ni-steels:3.5 %Nigrades.
  • Alloy 825.
  • Aluminium-bronze: ASTM B150 UNS C63200 and ASTM B124 UNS C63000.
  • Cr/Mo alloy steels: 1¼Cr ½Mo and 2¼Cr 1Mo grades.

Additionally errors  in  three  existing  MDSs  have  also  been corrected and those MDS revisions updated to 0.2. The framing proposal stated there would be no amendments to the existing MDSs (other than the three identified above) except for editorial corrections. However the work group agreed to also amend the MDSs for CuNi 90-10 to resolve conflicts with EEMUA 234 and to align to the draft ISO 13703-2.

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