Joint Industry Programme 33:
Standardizing Procurement Specifications

JIP33 aims to make a step-change improvement in the specification, procurement and delivery of equipment for the oil and gas industry, through the use of standardized industry procurement specifications.

Now in its third phase, JIP33 is already enabling the supply chain to reduce variation and become more efficient – providing significant value in both scheduling and capital cost control.

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All JIP33 specifications are available for use by everyone.

The more the JIP33 specifications are adopted, the more opportunities there are for efficiencies in our industry.


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News and announcements

Industry leaders reaffirm top-level support for JIP33

Oil and gas industry leaders recently met in London to discuss the JIP33 programme, both the progress made so far and the road ahead. They discussed first experiences of using the new standardized specifications, how companies can work together to adopt them, and feedback from suppliers on what needs to improve. (Oil and gas industry

First engineering contractor signs up to JIP33

Aker Solutions has become the first engineering contractor to sign up to collaborate on JIP33 and use the specifications in its standard working practices. (Richard Mortimer and Dean Watson sign a memorandum of understanding on adopting JIP33 specifications.) Dean Watson, Chief Operating Officer of Aker Solutions says: “Being an early adopter will boost our attractiveness

JIP33 Industry Days boost dialogue on greater standardisation and collaboration

167 suppliers, engineering contractors and operators attended the third JIP33 Industry Day at Kuala Lumpur on Monday 18 November 2019 – hosted by Petronas. Industry Days raise awareness of how JIP33 standardised specifications can deliver benefits across the oil & gas industry supply chain.  They enable people to share insights about the opportunities and challenges

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We welcome feedback from users on the content of the JIP33 specifications and their experiences in applying them. JIP33 is committed to continuous improvement.