What is the Global Equipment Hub (GEH)?

  • IOGP and IOGP members are building a Global Equipment Hub to operationalise the JIP33 specifications and JIP36 standard for the benefit of the Oil & gas industry.
  • The Global Equipment Hub will allow manufacturers to share product information meeting the requirements of the JIP33 data sheets and using the JIP36 CFIHOS RDL
  • This information will be accessed by all participating member companies of IOGP meaning that the required information packs for each product are to be created only once.
  • After a Proof of concept in 2nd quarter 2021, we are now working on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), to demonstrate how Operators, Contractors, and Manufacturers can share information requirements and deliver product information.
  • Sharecat is IOGP’s solutions provider for building the GEH and supporting all stakeholders involved.

Benefits of the GEH for the OEMs

  • Enter information only once and reuse on any project with any customer (applies to standard products).
  • Support from the system to ensure all information required according to JIP33/JIP36 is delivered.
  • Standard product information can be made available for engineering companies

Role of the OEM during the MVP phase

We ask the OEMs to test the Minimum Viable Product of the GEH and provide feedback:

  • Bulk load of your standard product information for agreed classes and products.
  • Evaluation of a specific customer project requirement: receive a specific delivery scope against a Tag or a P.O. from a customer in the GEH and deliver product information scope in the GEH. This can include private non-shareable information which can be re-used by this customer or can be shared by you with another customer if you wish.

OEMs’ feedback will be collected, presented in the MVP final report, and used for evaluating the MVP and defining/improving the next phase.

How do we start?

Sharecat will be available at all times to support you, provide required access rights, answer questions, and collect your feedback.

What are the resources needed on the OEM side?

Someone who can extract product information from your OEM tables/system.

Someone who understands product information and can “map” your product information against the JIP33/JIP36 requirements. Also ideally understands quality control in information submission. However, Sharecat have a large, experienced team who can advise and assist during the process as and when required.

Basic things to know before preparing / loading product data in the GEH

2 types of product information will be held in the GEH

  • Standard catalogue product information (public):
    •  Information can be loaded in bulk and is available for the industry.
    • Information is delivered only once and can be used and re-used for any project / any operator.
    • The product ID number will start with the letters ‘TEK’.
  • Project-specific, custom-made product or assembly information (shared at your discretion):
    • Information is delivered for 1 product / assembly for a specific project.
    • Information can be reused if applicable.
    • Access to data and documents can be restricted as needed.
    • The product ID number will start with the letters ‘SPC’.

A product ID in the Hub (TEK or SPC) uniquely identifies a product / assembly. It is not a model /type / series with several variants.

A product ID in the Hub (TEK or SPC) is valid when it has been quality-controlled and approved by Vendor.  Then it has this stamp:

If you have any question, please contact us at iogp_geh@sharecat.com

You can also download the 2-page document for OEMs for the JIP33 Equipment Hub – IOGP – OEMs detailing the benefits, the role and required resources.

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