Specification development –

Specifications in development: Drafts will be available here for public review as they are ready.


Packages: Status
UPS Package In progress
Diesel Emergency Generator Package In progress
Flare Package Planned
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Package In progress
Firewater Pump Package Planned
Glycol Package Planned
Gas Compressor Package Planned
General Engineering Specification Packages In progress
Instrument Tubing and Fitting In progress
Thermal Insulation of Piping and Equipment Planned
Welding In progress
Coating and Painting In progress
General and Special Purpose Couplings In progress
Lubrication, Shaft-Sealing and Control Oil Planned
Flange, Bolts and Gaskets Planned
Materials Planned
Noise Control Planned
Equipment – Electrical
Low Voltage Motors In progress
High Voltage Motors In progress
Stationary Batteries In progress
DC Power Supplies In progress
Low Voltage AC Drives Planned
Transformers Planned
Equipment – Instruments
Pressure Relief Valves Planned
Electrical Transmitters Planned
Control Valves and Pressure Regulators Planned
Actuators for On/Off Valves In progress
Equipment – Safety
Deluge Skid Planned
Water Mist Fire Protection Planned
Equipment – Mechanical
Electric Process Heaters Planned
Positive Displacement Pumps Planned
Diesel Engines In progress
General/Special Purpose Gear Units In progress
Equipment – Subsea
Subsea valves In progress